Modern office design - 3D wood panels

Modernes Bürodesign – 3D-Holzplatten

Modern office design - 3D wood panels

Entrepreneurs pay increasing attention to the design of their office space. A modern office interior takes several aspects into account, including aesthetics, functionality and prestige in the foreground. Decorative 3D wooden panels are perfect elements to complete a representative business space that meets all the requirements of a well thought-out furnishing style. FORM AT WOOD offers a wide range of luxurious wall panels that combine an effective look with numerous functional values ​​and give the interior a unique character.

Elegant and functional office - wooden wall panels in your company

The office is the command center of any business and a representative place for dealing with clients conducting various business matters. It is also a place for meetings with employees and the main processes of company management. The office is a prominent place that affects the perception of the entire company and is also used as a workspace where people should feel comfortable for the best efficiency. For this reason, office spaces must not only be elegant, but also functional. In addition, FORM AT WOOD wood panels are easy to keep spotlessly clean.

Our 3D panels are designed to provide an immersive visual experience and ensure adequate interior acoustics, which is why we offer a special range of sound absorbing Hexago panels. FAW wall decors warm the interior figuratively and in the truest sense of the word, because wood creates a pleasant atmosphere and is an excellent heat insulator. Wooden panels also improve the microclimate in your office to make you feel comfortable.

3D wall panels are a trend that is perfect for designing living spaces, but also works well in spaces in a modern company. With the products from FORM AT WOOD, you can design offices effectively and ensure the well-being of the people in them. The rich assortment of FAW panels means an unlimited number of decorative variants and compositions to create a friendly space and a warm atmosphere. Rely on prestige, original design and excellent comfort with FORM AT WOOD panels!

Noble wooden panels on the wall - opt for effectiveness and prestige!

Wood panels were long absent because they were associated with the then-shameful and controversial 1980s fascination with poplar. Thanks to the creativity of architects and modern CNC technology capable of realizing even the most demanding concepts, wall panels have made a comeback, setting fashionable trends in interior design.

Luxurious 3D wooden panels from the FORM AT WOOD brand look impressive and at the same time are a symbol of prestige, innovation and creativity, as well as an expression of environmental awareness. All of these values ​​are now attributes of a modern company, which is why eye-catching FAW wooden wall panels are an excellent choice when designing a contemporary office or study.

Wood decors in your office - interesting inspiration

The FORM AT WOOD range includes collections of 3D panels based on symmetrical and asymmetrical geometry (EDGE) and inspired by organic shapes found in nature (SMOOTH). The series of 2D decors in the form of a square, a rhombus and an equilateral triangle (FLAT) gives you the opportunity to vary and soften spatial compositions. Your imagination combined with many inspirations available on our website will help you to create captivating and unconventional decoration in the office.

With the smooth FLAT panels you can enrich the wall decoration but also create a surface for displaying the company logo or name. FORM AT WOOD panels easily coordinate with wooden furniture and are also perfect for stone, concrete, plaster, glass and metalized office equipment. Decorative wooden panels blend beautifully with nature, so you can successfully surround them with flowers or create a green wall of forest moss...


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