Three-dimensional wall panels and types of wood

Dreidimensionale Wandpaneele Und Holzarten

Three-dimensional wall panels and types of wood

Three unique collections of FORM AT WOOD panels with the possibility of combining individual models and a wide range of colors are just a few elements that will make your wall extraordinary. We manufacture our panels from different types of wood and with good reason we focus mainly on oak, American walnut and ash. Pleasant to the touch, wood wall panels add a unique charm and atmosphere to any interior design. Depending on the type of wood, FAW decors differ in grain, color and texture, which offers many more ideas for an original interior design.

3D wooden panels - choose a unique interior atmosphere

Elegant 3D wooden panels transport you to another dimension with their durable and extraordinary arrangement, great acoustic properties and a warm and cozy atmosphere. The universal wall decors from FORM AT WOOD look great on the wall, but they also look good as decoration on furniture fronts or door joinery. Durable wall panels can be oiled and varnished to show off the natural beauty of each wood species or in a completely new version.

An undisputed advantage of wood is its diverse properties, colors and distinctive grain, so that panels made of oak, American walnut or ash impress with their uniqueness. Wood panels look equally good on the walls of your living room, bedroom, dining room or study. Regardless of the collection and the type of wood, we use uniform side lengths of the panels so that models from different series can be freely combined to create original configurations.

Wall panels made of oak - a symbol of noblesse and durability

With our native oak, we have an extraordinary material at our disposal that is highly valued by users of wall panels made of this type of wood. Oak panels have good resistance to mechanical damage (scratches, warping), and their grain looks muted. Thanks to the subtle grain, oak wall panels do not "compete" with other, more heavily patterned furnishing elements.

Decorations made of fine oak look very dignified and majestic in any furnishing style and acquire a unique character over time. The oak fits perfectly in Scandinavian, rustic and industrial interiors. Oak wood is hard and very tolerant of changes in temperature and humidity. A warm hue with various shades of gold makes oak wall panels a real object of desire for anyone looking for luxury and atmospheric interior design.

Is American walnut a good wood for your walls?

American walnut panels are made from material obtained from forests that grow primarily in the central area of ​​the United States. This wood has a darker color, which gives it a noble look and an original design. The color of hardwood varies between white, yellow and gray and this part is usually about 3-6 cm wide and clearly separated from the chocolate or purplish brown core. An interesting variation in grain structure is also specific darker veins.

Expressive decors made of American walnut set a unique accent both on the wall and on furniture fronts or door leaves. American walnut decorations look amazing in both modern interiors and those with traditional decor. This wood is not too hard, which makes it pleasant to the touch, but less resistant to damage and exposure to moisture. For this reason, before installing American walnut panels, it is a good idea to properly secure their surface.

Decorative ash wall panels

Ash wall panels are undoubtedly a solution for connoisseurs of refined taste and lovers of original style. Ash wood has a very characteristic structure, mainly composed of brindle grains, while its color is shades of white, yellow and pink. Because of this diversity, ash panels are not as universal as, for example, oak wall decors, which is why they best suit minimalist spaces with muted colors and neutral decorative elements. This way they can be a focal point in the room to catch the attention of household members and guests.


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